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Professional Dog Trainer and Behaviouralist

Personalised training and lifetime support to tailor your and your pets' needs to have a happy, healthy, obedient, relaxed and social dog

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Words From Our Trainer:
BSc (Hons) Dip Dog Socialisation, Obedience & Behaviouralist Masterclass

"At Paws Active, our motto is; 'There are no bad dogs', there are only untrained owners.

I know first hand the feeling of confusion, frustration and sadness that comes along with not knowing why your dog is acting a certain way especially when all you've tried doesn't seem to be working.

Being a qualified behaviouralist and dog trainer with years of experience, it it is very easy to train a dog in our care. However, dogs associate different people & different environments with different learnt behaviours. Because of this,

my method is focused on training you as the primary owner(s).

All dogs are welcome & I always provide lifetime support so we can stay in touch about maintaining your dogs progress."

Image by Gerrie van der Walt
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Your Journey

All dogs welcome

£40 per hour whereby sessions flow in order of 1-4 however not all modules are required to be completed

(Typically but not bound to 2hrs)

1. Building Foundation; including Puppy Training and Basic Obedience

Directly making owners fundamentally understand why the problem(s) are present in the first place and understanding your dogs' behaviour and feelings. Whether you're a first time or experienced owner and questioning why your pup just doesn't seem to be getting it, this module is for you. Further covers everything from basic commands, potty training, digging, barking, picky eating, chewing, destrucitveness and more!

(Typically but not bound to 1-2hrs)

2. Lead Training, Reactiveness & Recall Training

Is your dog finding it hard to contain himself on the lead when spotting anything from other animals, vehicles or joggers? Is your dog lunging and pulling uncontrollably yet all the harnesses, collars and leads you've tried don't do anything? Does it seem like your dog blocks out all input from you as soon as you head out the door? Want your dog to come back to you off lead every single time without fail? These are covered in this module.

(Typically but not bound to 2-4hrs)

3. Dog Socialisation for Unsocial Dogs

This module practically tackles socialisation with other dogs by training your dog to be social with all other dogs regardless of size, breed and temperament. Your dog is thought how to communicate with other dogs it may not know how to due to lack of socialisation. You will be thought how to read any dogs body language to keep your own and other dogs safe at all times. Our own social dogs are integrated to ensure safe sessions.

(Dependant on owners ability, effort and confidence in handling)

4. Aggressive Dog taming

Intensive training for dogs that show aggressive behaviour towards humans and dogs alike. We know how hard it is to find dog owners who are willing to socialise their dog with unsocial dogs and people who aren't afraid to handle your dog; so we've got you covered by using our own dogs and in our confidence in handling dogs with aggression. You will completely restructure your dogs behaviour; everything from basic obedience, daily routine, feedings, lead training, playtime, socialisation and aggression with meticulous daily review.

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